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  • StarFlyer Spinning Cloth

    StarFlyer Spinning Cloth

    The Starflyer is a new form of juggling entertainment - but it actually has roots going back hundreds of years to historical China. The Star Flyer asks its users to combine juggling and disc sport throwing techniques to perform tricks and passes. The Starflyer is a skill toy that can practised alone or in a group. It is a combination of four layers of fabric, each a different quality of cotton. Their combined weight is sufficient for generating momentum in rotations and ensures a quality flight. Learn to spin the Star Flyer on the end of your finger, before passing it to the other and to a friend. See how far or high you can throw the StarFlyer - can you spin it under your leg? Once you have mastered the spinning technique, the possibilities are endless. Each Star Flyer has a diameter of 70cm and a weight of 300g. The Starflyer can be used both indoors and outdoors. Price is for ONE cloth only - please make your colour selection below. Learn More

  • DapoStar Spinning Cloth - Various colours

    DapoStar Spinning Cloth - Various colours

    This spinning cloth has 8 points that give an ideal stability and makes this perfect for beginners and practice! Made with artisan techniques and resistant materials. It is washable by hands or washing machine, always use cold water. DapoStar is an innovative product developed entirely in Barcelona for several years and manufactured with quality materials to ensure durability and long-lasting time.

    Use spinning cloth not just for juggling but also for fitness, exercise, coordination and concentration.

    Due to a big colour selection we are unable to offer you a colour choice so you will be sent a random one.

    Item Specs:
    Weight - 410g
    Diameter - 70cm

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