Flower & Devil Sticks

Devilsticks are thrown and caught between two grippy hand/control sticks. You can just buy the control sticks by themselves, and replace the devil sticks with household items such as: tennis rackets, brooms, sauce-pan lids, etc.

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  • Trickster Devil Stick & Control Sticks

    Trickster Devil Stick & Control Sticks

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    The Trickster Devil Stick is an excellent introductory devil stick and comes complete with control sticks. It is a tapered stick with rubber end caps. The decoration along each stick is attractive and also provides a slightly textured surface for extra grip. The taper on this devil stick means that much of its weight is kept to the ends, allowing more momentum which is great for tricks like 'propellers'. The wooden control sticks are an ideal first set of sticks - they come with a 1mm coating of black silicone which should give just the right amount of stickiness. if you've tried Flower Sticks and want the next step up, or if you want to jump straight into gyroscopic juggling, this is the perfect place to start. Massive range of mix colours and designs! Learn More

  • Henry's Alu Devil Stick Control Sticks - Pair - Various Colours Available

    Henry's Alu Devil Stick Control Sticks - Pair - Various Colours Available

    Henry's Alu control sticks are made from 10mm Aluminium Rods covered with 2mm of lovely fluorescent silicone. Ideal for aggressive stick play and fire manipulators.

    Made in Germany.

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  • Juggle Dream Neo Flower Stick and Handsticks - Various Colours Available

    Juggle Dream Neo Flower Stick and Handsticks - Various Colours Available

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    The Juggle Dream Neo is a super bright UV active version of the Picasso flower stick. The dimensions and weight are identical to the Picasso but with the Neo, both the central shaft and hand sticks (supplied) are covered with a super grippy silicon tubing which will glow brightly while exposed to direct ultra violet light. This material will also react to the UV in normal spectrum light and will glow brightly at dusk (think high vis jackets).

    Just as with the Picasso, the weight of the psuede flowers give the right amount of drag to create a very responsive stick. At 41.5cm long (65cm inc' flowers) the Neo is short enough to allow advanced body moves (armcurls, fishtails, behind the back helicopter e.t.c) without making it too fast for beginners.

    Available in Pink, green, yellow and orange.
    Shaft length 41.5cm
    Length with tassels 65cm
    Weight 190g

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  • Play 'Tulip' Flower Stick and Control Sticks

    Play 'Tulip' Flower Stick and Control Sticks

    A lovely, bright flower stick from Play ideal for beginner and intermediate stick players. The shaft itself is made from a smooth plastic and has good black rubber flowers on either end - these are super tough and slow down the flower stick just right for beginner players. Best of all though, this flower stick is made using a cross shaped extruded plastic in the centre of the shaft. This gives the Tulip Flower stick a nice amount of flex but also makes it very strong. The Tulip comes in UV reactive colours and is supplied complete with sticky silicone hand sticks. Learn More

  • Flames 'N Games Dexter Devil Stick with Handsticks

    Flames 'N Games Dexter Devil Stick with Handsticks

    The Flames 'N Games Dexter Devil Stick is a Top of the range wooden devil stick, made in the UK.
    This beautifully crafted wooden devilstick is made to a high standard with an exceptionally detailed finish.

    The devil stick core is made from solid Ash hardwood that has been precision turned to a high standard giving the stick a perfect tapered shape which makes it thin in the middle and wide at the ends.

    To protect the stick from hard impacts it has been fitted with dense foam ends and an ultra shiny metallic decoration makes these sticks look great.

    Ideal for performers and stage acts.

    Devilstick Specs:
    Length: 67cm
    Weight: 220g

    This devil stick is sold as standard with handsticks

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  • Henry's Barracuda Devil Stick

    Henry's Barracuda Devil Stick

    The Barracuda devil stick is a great example of Henry's giving a traditional prop a contemporary twist. Made using a tough yet light polyethylene material, the Barracuda plays a little like a flower stick with a certain amount of flex - ideal for amateurs and people progressing through tricks. The other key advantage of the Barracuda is that it collapses down in to 2 smaller halves, each 32.5cm this means it fits perfectly in a backpack. The mechanism uses a solid yet light aluminium screw mechanism. Ø 36mm/ 17mm.

    Includes control sticks.

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  • Henry's Neon Beat Devil Stick

    Henry's Neon Beat Devil Stick

    The Neon Beat devil stick is a super bright wooden devil stick with an elegant taper and superb balance. The UV foil is very bright and really lights up under black stage lighting. The taper of the stick goes from 36mm - 18mm.

    Sold without handsticks

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