Flower & Devil Sticks

Devilsticks are thrown and caught between two grippy hand/control sticks. You can just buy the control sticks by themselves, and replace the devil sticks with household items such as: tennis rackets, brooms, sauce-pan lids, etc.

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  • Flames 'N Games Glitz Devil Stick

    Flames 'N Games Glitz Devil Stick

    The Flames 'N Games Glitz Devil Stick is a Top of the range wooden devil stick with, as always, an exceptionally detailed finish and high quality glittery decoration which makes it stand out from the rest of the devil sticks on the market.

    The devil stick core is made from solid Ash hardwood that has been carefully turned to a very high standard giving the stick a perfect tapered shape which makes it thin in the middle yet nice and wide at the extremities. To protect the stick from hard impacts it has been fitted with dense foam ends.

    The full-body large pigment shinny glitter decoration catches the light and gives the stick the perfect & dazzling look which guarantees to turn heads!

    Devil stick Specs:
    Length: 67cm
    Weight: 220g

    This devil stick is sold as standard without handsticks. Please choose your devilstick's hand stick from our range of devilstick handsticks.

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