Flower & Devil Sticks

Devilsticks are thrown and caught between two grippy hand/control sticks. You can just buy the control sticks by themselves, and replace the devil sticks with household items such as: tennis rackets, brooms, sauce-pan lids, etc.

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  • Play Silicone G9 Devil Stick

    Play Silicone G9 Devil Stick

    The G9 is a 70cm silicone coated Devil Stick, designed by the team at Play for super-grippy stick work. Made with a sturdy ash wood core and special caps covering the fall points made from the same plastic used throughout the PX3 range, this is one tough stick. Super bright UV colours complete the stick. The G9 is supplied without control sticks but due to its sticky nature will work with pretty much anything.

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  • Play Power Flower Stick and Silicon Handsticks

    Play Power Flower Stick and Silicon Handsticks

    Another excellent example of technology application. The Power Flower stick is Play's new flower stick built using their exclusive CROSS shaped extruded plastic tube which gives it extreme strength and flexibility. This version is covered with coloured silicone coating. A very soft type of silicone is used for great grip and optimal control. The coloured rubber flowers are very elastic and strong. This flower stick is suitable both for beginners and experts and comes with matching silicon coated handsticks. Learn More

  • Play 'Tulip' Flower Stick and Control Sticks

    Play 'Tulip' Flower Stick and Control Sticks

    A lovely, bright flower stick from Play ideal for beginner and intermediate stick players. The shaft itself is made from a smooth plastic and has good black rubber flowers on either end - these are super tough and slow down the flower stick just right for beginner players. Best of all though, this flower stick is made using a cross shaped extruded plastic in the centre of the shaft. This gives the Tulip Flower stick a nice amount of flex but also makes it very strong. The Tulip comes in UV reactive colours and is supplied complete with sticky silicone hand sticks. Learn More

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