Flower & Devil Sticks

Devilsticks are thrown and caught between two grippy hand/control sticks. You can just buy the control sticks by themselves, and replace the devil sticks with household items such as: tennis rackets, brooms, sauce-pan lids, etc.

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  • Flowtoys LED Composite Flower Stick - With V1 Capsule Lights

    Flowtoys LED Composite Flower Stick - With V1 Capsule Lights

    Presenting the world's first high performance LED flower stick! Great feel and balance, super durable, comes with 2 capsule (V1) lights with many beautiful multicoloured patterns, infinite adjust-ability, kinetic awareness, all-night run-time and micro-USB recharge-ability. Also awesome for glow devil sticks and juggling sticks.Please note that this FlowToys Composite Flower Stick is fitted with V1 Capsule Lights

    All components are custom-made to Flowtoys tight tolerances and specifications, from the carbon fibre shaft to silicone flowcaps, to the poly-carbonate tubing. The translucent ABS compression connectors create a firm connection between the tubes. The soft, versatile and beautiful flowcap secures your lights with a snap. Custom silicone tassels are soft and floppy for the perfect roll. Modular parts fit together for a strong and rigid, yet lightweight juggling stick. Compatible with Flowtoys Modular System parts and lights.

    Control sticks are made with solid fibreglass rod featuring the same super-sparkly decoration tape as the flower-stick, with silicone grip and vinyl end-caps creating a super-comfortable and durable tip.

    Stick Length - 69cm
    Carbon fiber shaft - 12mm shaft
    Control sticks length - 45cm

    Warranty & Upgrades
    All flowtoys-manufactured products are covered under Flowtoys forever flow™ lifetime warranty and/or replacement and upgrade policy.
    Please contact us to find out more.

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