Multi-function LED Glow Poi

These high quality glow poi allow the user to set the poi to which ever colour or style they want. The poi can be set to a large variety of single colour settings as well as various strobe and colour fade effects.

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  • Oddballs PoiStix Pro

    Oddballs PoiStix Pro

    PoiSix pro are simply stunning in the dark. These are the brightest poi we sell at anything close to this price. Fitted with 6mm Cole cord loop handles and string, with number 10 bearing swivels for a super comfy, controlled spin. Each stick comes with 44 super bright RGB LEDs which can be set to any one of 12 effects.

    Cut change -1.5 seconds per colour, though 8 colours.

    Strobing - through 8 colours.

    Slow fade - through 8 colours.

    Wave fade through 8 colours (This is an effect unique to the PoiStix Pro). The colour changes waves from one end to the other.

    Solid Colours in: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Turquoise, Pink, Orange & White.

    To switch on, press and hold the button next to the charging port. To cycle through the function menu, press once and release. To switch off, press and hold the button until the stick flashes once. PoiStix will take 15 minutes to charge - which will give forty five minutes glow on all settings.

    Oddballs PoiStix are part of a more environmentally friendly generation of Oddballs LED products. You can now charge your Poistix almost anywhere using a standard USB charge point (laptop or power pack) via the 2-way USB - Micro usb splitter cables supplied.


    Stick Length: 400mm

    String length: adjustable up to 500mm

    Diameter: 25mm

    Weight: 170 g (each)

    Charging time: 2 hours depending on function

    Playing time: 2 Hours

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