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  • Kid Poi DVD

    Kid Poi DVD

    A bright and clear instructional poi DVD that will guide you through the fundamentals of poi spinning to more complex tricks and routines. Very friendly and laid back in its approach to teaching, this DVD is never intimidating but will nurture your skills in a steady progression. 50 minutes long. With language choices of English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch and Italian. Learn More

  • COL 2005 (COL DVD)

    COL 2005 (COL DVD)

    The Circles of Light series brings you its newest addition. 87 minutes of inspirational spinning and twirling from around the globe. This is the best edition so far with some truly inspiring poi and staff work, there is something to appeal to everyone.

    Region free so will play in any DVD player.

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  • COL 4 (COL DVD)

    COL 4 (COL DVD)

    Circles of Light 4 features a host of players and groups from around the globe doing what they do best.

    Region Free DVD

    90 minutes.

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  • COL 5 (COL DVD)

    COL 5 (COL DVD)

    The Circles of Light series brings you its newest addition. 90 minutes of inspirational spinning and twirling from around the globe.

    Region free so will play in any DVD player.

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  • Circles of Light 2008 (COL 2008)

    Circles of Light 2008 (COL 2008)

    Highlights from the 2008 video competition

    90 minutes of inspirational spinning and twirling from around the world.

    • Video Length= 90 minutes (approx)
    • DVD is playable in all zones
    • NTSC picture format, Plays on any DVD player
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  • Scales of Poi

    Scales of Poi

    The Scales of Poi: Mastering the Music of Movement is geared towards intermediate-to-advanced poi artists who want to take their practice to the next level. It is a guided tour through a comprehensive system of exercises and explorations that have a very specific goal: complete freedom of movement and expression.

    Nick Woolsey has been passionately practicing poi since the spring of 2001. His online videos have made him somewhat of a poi cult celebrity. He has traveled all over the world teaching this unique approach to poi. This DVD is the complete distillation and expression of that experience.

    Total running time: 100minutes.

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  • The Encyclo-Poi-Dia

    The Encyclo-Poi-Dia

    Advanced beginners to experts can learn more about Wraps, Isolations, Behind-the-Back, and 10 more detailed move groups.
    Instruction is shown clearly from several angles, with slow motion - to maximise your speed of learning.
    Two separate 50 minute volumes are jam-packed onto this single DVD, containing everything you need to practice effectively for months.

    Welcome to the next level in Poi instruction.
    The Encyclo-Poi-dia goes where no video has gone before, taking hundreds of moves and breaking them down for easy learning.
    Instruction is shown clearly from several angles, with slow motion.
    Take your skill, knowledge, and performance to the next level with the Encyclo-Poi-dia.
    A must have for any advancing Poi artist.

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  • Poi Spinning Book

    Poi Spinning Book

    3 Review(s)

    "Bursting with over 450 tricks tips and moves - and ideas for hundreds more - this book is destined to become essential reading for every poister on the planet. From your first tentative circles to feats of unparalled dexterity, via such tricks as The Weave, Lock-Outs and Behind Your Back Waist Wrap, Michal Kahn guides you step by step in the friendly, encouraging style that has made her courses so successful.

    Fully cross-referenced with over 500 clear and detailed illustrations, and with sections on Fire Spinning, Choreography, Inventing moves, Developing Your Own Style and what to do about Hitting Yourself (and Getting Tangled).

    Poi Spinning will teach you all the skills you will need to master the art and invent your own tricks."

    Author Michal Kahn, 144 pages, softback, 2002

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  • Adventures in Poi: Moves DVD

    Adventures in Poi: Moves DVD

    ADVENTURES IN POI: Moves is more than just the best intermediate and advanced poi moves DVD ever made. It is an artistic achievement of the highest caliber. Join Nick Woolsey and Jaguar Mary as they adventure around the world, teaching popular poi moves in easy steps, and making you smile at the same time.

    Behind the back weave, under the legs, orbitals, hyperloops, 5 beat weaves and more, boomerang, isolations, planes and orbiting, spiral wraps, 4-beat TTN and BF weaves, crossers, meteor, anti-spin weaves, the atomic weave, , BW and BTB 5-beat weaves, questions from Poland, 4-beat windmill and matrix, counting beats theory, currants, buzzsaw flowers, double staffs, hybrids

    Nick Woolsey is a highly celebrated artist within the poi dancing community. He is renowned for his unique performance style, his sense of humor, and his ability to break complicated moves into easy concepts and exercises. He has traveled extensively sharing his passion for the art form. This is his second Poi DVD.

    Nick Woolsey: director, producer, instructor
    Jaguar Mary: videographer, editor, co-producer
    Marc Jirian: DVD production
    Alex Grünenfelder: graphic design, art direction
    Jonathan Brown, Dan Gordon-Levitt: photography
    Tarun Nayar, Ivan Tucakov: music

    Total running time: 179 minutes
    playpoi instructional.

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  • Art of Poi DVD

    Art of Poi DVD

    The Art of Poi and COL2: A beginners guide to swinging long poi.

    This 34 minute video covers:
    Types of poi, adjusting, beginner swinging, butterfly, weave, thread the needle, Mexican wave, cork screw, one each way, and many more. Diane Paulger pictured above will guide you through each move with hints and tips to keep you on track.

    Diane has been teaching Poi for many years to thousands of people all around New Zealand. She definitely knows a few tricks to help you get started. Sheis also a member of the SUNTOI performing arts group that entertains at shows and functions all over the country.

    Also includes highlights from the 2001 video competition COL2 (Circles of Light).

    Now you can impress others with the Art of Poi:
    "I can definitely recommend the video. My friends just love watching me doing the poi" - Wendy Rowe
    "The video is great, now I know exactly how to do it" - Warrick McDonald
    "I like how it not only has easy moves but goes on further to explain advanced patterns" - Steven Burton

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