Sock Poi

A range of different coloured socks, filled socks and LED poi

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  • Juggle Dream Poi Socks (Empty)

    Juggle Dream Poi Socks (Empty)

    These stretchy socks have a slit in the side which allows you to put in any ball less than 75mm. These are made from a new and improved material and are one of the best poi socks available.
    Note - Weights/balls not included

    Ideal for glow balls or small thuds.

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  • Juggle Dream Sock Poi & Balls

    Juggle Dream Sock Poi & Balls

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    These sock poi are very durable and have a slight stretch in the material.
    They come complete with 110g thuds and are excellent for any level of spinner.

    Available in offensively UV colours.

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  • Juggle Dream Filled Sock Poi

    Juggle Dream Filled Sock Poi

    Socks are one of the most versatile types of poi.
    The lack of tail makes them easy for beginners, whilst at the same time perfect for more advanced moves like hyperloops and isolations.
    The end weights are removable and can be adjusted to suit your own style.
    Available in equally offensive UV yellow or orange they will definitely get you noticed.

    Supplied with a drawstring bag.

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  • Brasil Slim Poi Socks

    Brasil Slim Poi Socks

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    These slim socks are ideal for poi spinners of all abilities and come with a few simple yet innovative features that make these rather lovely.

    These socks come with a neat little carry bag with draw-string. They have velcro on the slits to keep whatever you decide to put in there secure and have strong stitching on all seams. They also have the added advantage of a button with several loop holes which act as adjustable handles - simply slot the button through the desired hole of choice to alter the length of the socks you wish to spin.

    It should be noted that these are 'slim' poi. At their widest point they are 7cm across. Most juggling balls, with the exception of our 70g thuds, won't fit in these. You can however use anything else! Rice, Seeds, Lentils, beach name it! This obviously means you can adjust the poi to any weight you like. These socks are also very light and fit in the pocket nicely.

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  • Oddballs LED Fade Sock Spinning Poi Set

    Oddballs LED Fade Sock Spinning Poi Set

    At Oddballs, we're very proud of our LED Sock poi - we think they're the perfect flow toy for beginner and intermediate spinners alike.

    What Do You Get?

    • Two of our super-bright 70mm LED balls, loaded with a 'FADE' diode. This Diode morphs slowly between a broad spectrum of colours and looks beautifully either still or in motion. We've also slightly reduced the weight of the balls and softened the outer shell to make them more comfortable to spin over longer periods, as well as making accidental impacts less of an issue. (The balls also have small loops in the shell, if you want to convert them to traditional leash poi at a later date).
    • Enough LR44 Batteries to keep you spinning for around 6-8 hours. These are easily replaced. the batteries are concealed in a chamber within each ball. You may need to remove the small paper discs when you first receive the poi in order to activate the LEDs.
    • Brilliant white, stretchy socks! Socks are great for poi spinning and make certain tricks like hyper-loops look much more impressive. Each sock has an opening, so you can always swap the LED balls for your own juggling balls if you prefer.
    • A cute little, draw-string bag to carry your poi around when you're not spinning.

      These Fading L.E.D Sock poi are excellent for evening performances - the light diffuses beautifully along the white socks.

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