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At Oddballs we carry a huge range of spinning plates. They're simple, fun, addictive and great for people of all ages. We stock plates made by Juggle Dream, Absolute and Henrys The first Juggle Dream spinning plate was designed by us in the early '90s, and is sold by many circuses all around the world to budding young plate-spinners during the intervals. Its probably one of the best starter plates on the market; its thin profile also makes it ideal for juggling and grinding while one plate spins on the other. Sold complete with an easy to use, flexible stick.

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  • Henry's Wooden plate stick

    Henry's Wooden plate stick

    Henry's wooden spinning plate stick.

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  • Juggle Dream Flexi Spinning Plate Stick.

    Juggle Dream Flexi Spinning Plate Stick.

    The Juggle Dream Flexi Plate Stick is strong, lightweight and flexible.
    This is a composite stick using a glass fibre core for strength and a plastic outer casing for comfort and safety. The plastics tip grips all types of spinning plates and the glass fibre core makes this a very whippy, responsive plate stick.

    Colour: White
    Length: 48.5cm

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  • Juggle Dream Spinning Plate & Stick

    Juggle Dream Spinning Plate & Stick

    Spinning Plates are loved by children of all ages and are an excellent introdution into circus skills. This spinning plate from Juggle Dream is by far the strongest one we sell and the easiest one to use for all age groups. It is a well balanced plate which is 23cm across and has a generous lip underneath in which to place your stick. It comes in a variety of eye catching colours and is made from flexible plastic which will maintain its shape when dropped, but doesnt make too much noise!.

    This plate comes complete with a two piece plastic stick with a plastic nib for spinning.

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  • Henry's Spinning Plate & Stick

    Henry's Spinning Plate & Stick

    The Henry's spinning plate has been pressed with attractive geometric patterns on the surface which let's users better gauge the speed of their plate. It's made of bright, translucent plastic which is soft enough to be appropriate for children. The main feature of the Henry's plate which sets it apart from the others is the double rim (or 'lip') at the base of the plate - meaning that the plate has two 'difficulty settings' - a new dynamic to plate spinning and most importantly - lots of fun for everyone.

    25cm diameter.

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  • Aluminium Absolute  Spinning Plate & Stick

    Aluminium Absolute Spinning Plate & Stick

    This plate is a lot noisier than a plastic plate and is a lot harder to get going. However once it is spinning it will go for ages! A great prop for pro's and peformers. Comes with a plastic stick.

    Only available in regular silver.

    Weight: 180 grams.

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