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Strong contact fire staffs from Gora.

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  • Gora "TRAVEL" Fire Contact Staff - 1.5m / 100mm Wick - 3 piece

    Gora "TRAVEL" Fire Contact Staff - 1.5m / 100mm Wick - 3 piece

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    Gora presents his 150cm travel staff variation of the amazing Gora Contact Staff. The Gora Travel Contact Staff behaves and performs just like the original model but with a little added weight. It is also essential to ensure that the staff is locked in place and secure before spinning with lit fuel. This staff is wrapped in a generous amount of EPDM rubber and sticky tennis grip making ideal for lots of body contact. As with the whole Gora staff range the core is constructed from 7075 aluminium - super strong yet reasonably light. There's also the added bonus of protective black silicone to reduce the amount of exposed metal work. The staff also comes fitted with 2 of Gora's inverted rubber 'Flowers' which are great for slowing the staff down and add a little weight towards the end of the staff giving it great momentum.

    When broken down the two end pieces measure 55cm and the centre piece measures 60cm.

    Please note that whilst very robust, Gora props contain some components and materials that will perish if exposed to constant flames. As such, Gora props should be held horizontally - not vertically - when lit. Learn More

  • Gora Dragon Staff 'Cuff' Adapters (Pair)

    Gora Dragon Staff 'Cuff' Adapters (Pair)

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    Gora has been developing his famous Dragon Staff concept since 2002. These Adapter Cuffs are the latest evolution of his design and certainly seem to be the most user-friendly version we've come across.
    The set consists of two detachable cuffs, each with four removable fire heads mounted at 90 degree intervals giving the classic Dragon staff effect. This design allows the cuffs to be permanently mounted on any staff and, once in place, the staff can be used normally or as a dragon staff with minimal assembly and dis-assembly. This system is cost effective (no second staff to buy), means you need only carry one staff and is considerably more convenient to carry than a fixed dragon staff.

    Adapter cuffs can be easily fixed to any staff with a diameter of 25mm or less and work best on longer Staffs (150 - 170mm depending on user height). If you are using a staff thinner than 25mm you'll need to use some tape to increase the diameter of the staff to safely mount the cuffs. We recommend aluminium tape for this. Once attached, the cuffs can be left permanently in place and the staff will play normally with only a slight increase in weight (no bad thing in a contact staff). When you want to play Dragon staff simply slot the fire heads into the corresponding holes in each cuff and away you go. Each fire head slots into the cuff with a push fit making assembly and dis-assembly extremely easy. Each head is held in place with a spring loaded grub screw. For a quick practice sessions you can play without tightening these screws but for a longer session or for fire they must be fixed in place with the allen key supplied.

    Although each fire head stalks is only 8mm diameter they are made from the same 'space tech' 7075 aluminium alloy as Gora's contact staffs. This means they are very lightweight and extremely tough. That said, care must be taken not to damage the stalks or holes at the points where they slot together or you risk permanently jamming the the two together.

    Any fire spinning is potentially dangerous but with 8 extra flaming wicks spinning at each end it becomes even more so. Please take extra care when learning dragon staff. Dragon Staff adapters should be used responsibly with care, respect and caution.

    Please note that whilst very robust, Gora props contain some components and materials that will perish if exposed to constant flames. As such, Gora props should be held horizontally - not vertically - when lit. Learn More

  • Gora Thai Staff - Double bladed

    Gora Thai Staff - Double bladed

    The classic recipe of a fire show is “Faster, Higher and MOOORE FIRE!”. Technically, the thai staff is a long spinner staff with an enormous amount of fire! The thai staff is made from a 15 x 1 mm duraluminum tube. It resists the heat of the fire wonderfully and makes a very lightweight prop, however it is somewhat fragile so it is important to take care during transport, i.e. do not step on your thai staff. The handling part in the middle is covered with the SuperGrip® which grants excellent hold. Sillicone Disc protectors save your hands from the huge flames creeping up the staff as long as you keep spinning at least slowly. It is however important you do not perform static, vertical positions especially at the beginning of your show when the flames are still too large and hot! The design of the fire blade is similar to that of the Fire Contact Sword or the Flying Sword. Darth Maul is a long-term user of the Thai Staff and our most hardcore tester. We believe he could have won even this fight against two Jedi, had he used the fire version of the thai staff! Learn More

  • Gora 'Spike' Fire Staff - 1.5m / 100mm ( including 6pc Fire Head Spike )

    Gora 'Spike' Fire Staff - 1.5m / 100mm ( including 6pc Fire Head Spike )

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    This is the most budget- and travel friendly 2-in-1 combination of a contact staff and a dragonstaff. Basically it is a Fire Contact Staff with 3-3 rivet nuts on both sides. These nuts allow for the attachment of 3-3 fireheads, which converts your contact staff into an 8-headed (3+1)+(3+1) dragon. The spikes are the same as the standard Gora Fire Hoop heads. The Spiked Contact Staff, used as a dragonstaff weighs 1150 g which is medium weight: It is lighter than a 10-headed dragon (= contact staff + adapter + heads) but heavier than a 8-headed (4+4) dragon. A good contact staff must have a good momentum, which is only possible if the ends are heavy, while the middle part is light. The body of the staff is made from a "Space Tech" aluminum alloy 7075, which has the same tensile strength as steel, but is light and flexible like aluminum, so it never breaks or bends. In case of choosing a collapsible version of the spiked contact staff you can choose a carbon fiber tube middle part (22X1.5mm) to increase momentum. The handling surface is covered with our 3.2 mm thick SuperGrip©. It has a soft spongy underlayer and a sticky, dotted overlayer which does not get slippery when wet. Over the years we have tested many versions and this by far provides the best hold even when your body sweats, and is also suitable for contact staff players with sensitive skin or allergies. The weight middle-point is clearly marked. The flowers slow down the rolling movement of the staff a bit. Furthermore, the rubber gives additional weight for the spin. You can remove and reattach them as you like. The staff has silicone protectors near the fireheads. In general, if you make a mistake with moving the contact staff, the heated metal can cause serious fire burns but this will not happen as the silicone parts are there to protect you. The black colour silicone has the highest heat resistance! The Classic fireheads on our contact staff are made from 10 cm wide kevlar wick and you can choose between 3 sizes. You can also opt for special fireheads which are knotted from kevlar rope in 3 designs: Isis fireheads made from 6 ropes, Wicker fireheads made from 4 thicker ropes or Monkey Fist fireheads which results in a ball shape. All three knotted designs give a beautiful and large flame, however they are more costly to make and more difficult to replace. If for your performance it is important that no excess fuel drops on the ground, we recommend choosing one of these knotted fireheads. On the other hand, for burnoff tricks the Classic fireheads are more suitable. Learn More

  • Gora Dragon Staff - 8 headed

    Gora Dragon Staff - 8 headed

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    Dragon staff is a very different style of staff which is based on the ancient Chinese martial arts weapon Fei cha.

    The dragon staff shares many moves with contact staff but the spinning spokes at each end make it unique. These fire spokes spin very quickly while the staff itself moves relatively slowly. This gives a fascinating effect which cannot be achieved with any other fire staffs.
    Both the spokes and main staff are all made of very strong and lightweight aluminium alloy. The spokes can be unscrewed for easier transportation and storage.
    Dragon Staffs should be used responsibly with care, respect and caution.

    1x Dragon Staff

    2x Dragon Adapter Cuffs

    8x Dragon Spikes

    Hex Key

    Carry Bag for Spikes and Cuffs

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