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Gora produces performance quality practice staffs from high-spec components

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  • Gora "TRAVEL" Contact Practice Staff - 1.5m - 3 piece

    Gora "TRAVEL" Contact Practice Staff - 1.5m - 3 piece

    Gora presents his 150cm travel staff variation of the amazing Gora Contact Staff. Using similar technology to the Concentrate Fire Staff locking system the Gora Travel Contact Staff behaves and performs just like the original model but with a little added weight. It is also essential to ensure that the staff is locked in place and secure before spinning! This staff is wrapped in a generous amount of EPDM rubber and sticky tennis grip making ideal for lots of body contact. As with the whole Gora staff range the core is constructed from 7075 aluminium - super strong yet reasonably light. There's also the added bonus of protective black silicone to reduce the amount of exposed metal work. The staff also comes fitted with 2 of Gora's inverted rubber 'Flowers' which are great for slowing the staff down and add a little weight towards the end of the staff giving it great momentum. When broken down the two end pieces measure 55cm and the centre piece measures 60cm.

    Item specs:
    Length - 150cm
    Travel length - 60cm
    Weight - 1500g

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  • Gora Fei Cha Contact Staff

    Gora Fei Cha Contact Staff

    The Feicha, or sometimes spelt Fei-Cha is an ancient martial arts weapon from the Kung Fu tradition of China.

    This Feicha is a masterpiece for professional performers. The name means flying fork or flying spear. It has been used with contact staff techniques since thousands of years and is the origin of the contact staff as we know it today. An important difference however is that the Feicha acts as an off-centered contact staff, therefore playing with it feels more similar to a Contact Sword.

    The original version has two bells attached which are used to make a loud noise to attract an audience during demonstrations for celebrations. Our Feicha is constructed so you can attach or remove the two bell discs, which is a very practical feature if you don’t want to drive your friends crazy  With bells attached, the very loud jingle sound makes your act very impressive on stage! In quiet mode, you can prevent your friends from becoming your enemies

    In the default setting, the core is made of the same 7075 duraluminum alloy (22 x 1,5 mm) as our Fire Contact Staff, so it is extremely durable, doesn’t break or bend, but is light at the same time. Alternatively, we can create your Feicha from carbon which will make it even lighter.

    The fork is made of mirror polished stainless steel, so it is shining and reflecting back the stage lights. The fork also removable, so you can use it as a practice contact staff too. The original feicha has only one fork on one end (Classic – One sided), but you can also select a Double (Two sided) feicha, which means your feicha will have a fork on both ends. This Double Feicha is symmetrical and therefore makes playing more similar to a contact staff. The handling surface is covered with our 3.2 mm thick SuperGrip©. It has a soft spongy underlayer and a sticky, dotted overlayer which does not get slippery when wet. Over the years we have tested many versions and this by far provides the best hold even when your body sweats, and is also suitable for feicha players with sensitive skin or allergies. The weight middle-point is clearly marked.

    You can select a pair of flowers, which slow down the rolling movement of the feicha a bit while providing some extra weight for the spin. You can remove and reattach them as you like.

    The full weight of the Feicha is 1330 g. We recommend the Feicha for all contact warriors.

    Usage recommendations specific to our Feicha:

    - Assembling / disassembling the feicha: When closing the connector, 2-3 turns are sufficient. Once you feel the connection is in place, do not force further – simply check that the connector holds. If you tighten too strongly, the nut may break off from the rubber joint. If this happens, you can easily replace it from our accessories section – but best to not break it! For opening the connector, 2-3 turns should be sufficient as well.

    - If the connection is turning but not getting strong, it means that the rubber became slippery. This can be caused by oily dirt or cold. In this case you need to clean the top of the rubber joint or just get it wet – it will work again perfectly.

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  • Gora Acro Staff - 1.5 m

    Gora Acro Staff - 1.5 m

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    This is a non fire contact staff specialized for an acrobatic staff style, a combination of contact staff and parkour. The staff is made of the highest quality carbon fiber composite which makes it super light but extremely durable and flexible. The staff has an extra steel weight and a rubber ending on each side for better grip on the ground and to protect the staff from abrasion. There is also a step point on the staff to help some parkour movement.

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