120g Juggle Dream 8-panel Squeeze Thud Juggling Ball - UV

120g Juggle Dream 8-panel Squeeze Thud Juggling Ball - UV Zoom

120g Juggle Dream 8-panel Squeeze Thud Juggling Ball - UV

PRICE IS FOR ONE BALL Thud juggling balls from Juggle Dream. This listing is for the 120g Juggle Dream Squeeze available in a UV colour theme. The Juggle Dream Squeeze (120g) are great quality for the price, ideal for jugglers on a budget, or those looking for a starter set of balls. The Squeeze ball is stretchy and slightly oversized which makes it very easy to catch. The Juggle Dream Squeeze (120g) size allows jugglers to do numbers juggling, though we recommend when starting out, just 3. These are ideal if you're looking for your first set of juggling balls that look professional and juggle great. There could possibly be a very slight weight discrepancy of a few grams from ball-to-ball, but nothing to affect their performance. Sold as one ball.
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Additional Information

    Additional Information

    SKU: BAL-050
    Brand: Juggle Dream
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    PRICE IS FOR ONE BALL Thud Juggling Juggling Thuds are used by beginners and professionals alike. Due to their softness, and weight they are ideal for introducing beginners and children into juggling. The Juggle Dream Squeeze is filled with seed and have a nice squeeze to them. Thud juggling is the next step-up from juggling beanbags which are quite often used on schools, workshops, or bought as a jugglers starter kit. A standard juggling ball is 120 grams but people do use balls up to 180 grams. The size and the weight of the juggling thuds tend to go down when jugglers juggle more thuds. Some number jugglers will use balls that weigh about 40 grams. The basics of thud juggling can be taught and learned in two hours. Sold as one ball.
    1. Honest review Review by Defying the laws of siteswap

      Awesome juggling balls. Great value for money !
      Bought them for my brother as a gift. They initially needed to be broken in so I used them for a week to soften them up.
      I found them very accurate, easy to catch, colour looks smart as well.
      Considering I'm used to juggling G balls, I was very impressed by hows well the juggle dreams performed for %90 cheaper. Definitely better value for money, would recommend to any one looking for a set of bean bags for a good price!
      (Posted on 01/11/2018)

    2. Bought these balls t... Review by Eric Wilson

      Bought these balls this spring while I was in London, juggled them, liked them straight away. Nicely filled bean bags which almost feel like stage balls in my opinion because they are so well filled. After buying them I kept on juggling them for a few months and made good progress with my 5 ball juggling. All in all a great prop! (Posted on 03/11/2017)

    3. Bought these to prac... Review by Eric Wilson

      Bought these to practice five ball juggling. They're a nice weight and don't bounce around when I drop them. (Posted on 03/11/2017)

    4. Best fancy bean ball... Review by Kostas Tzikakos

      Best fancy bean balls ever! Looks are amazing for both UV and Metallic versions (i got Both!). They are big and filled enough for the easiest practice, plus they look cool when you want to show off your moves! The wear just came after around 8 years of casual practicing which is stunning for the price/built! Well done oddshop! (Posted on 22/06/2016)

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