Uncle Bubble 32oz - 1:9 Concentrate

Uncle Bubble 32oz - 1:9 Concentrate Zoom

Uncle Bubble 32oz - 1:9 Concentrate

Uncle Bubble is the bubble brand with a big heritage. Designing and crafting quality props and formulas for the performance market for many years, their special tools are now available to the general public.

Uncle Bubble formula will help you achieve even the most complicated and dynamic tricks. Whether you want to wow your audience with jumbo-size bubbles floating through the air, fill a bubble machine with quality formula, create gravity-defying sculptures with moving parts like the Bubble Carousels, or bounce a bubble with your hands, Uncle Bubble formula is the ideal tool.

At the heart of Uncle Bubble's high-performance bubbleologist tools is their 1:9 concentrate formula. This is the first time that the 32oz bottle of 1:9 concentrate has been made available - this bottle is designed for working performers, serious hobbyists, schools, nurseries - and anyone thinking of throwing a large bubble party! Although the bottle only contains 0.94 litres, with the careful addition of cool tap water in a 1:9 ratio, bubblers will have an amazing 9.4 litres to use. Whether you are making giant bubbles, performing bubble bouncing tricks or creating beautiful, delicate sculptures, Uncle Bubble formula has proved time and time again it is the market leader.

Did we mention that there are three separate World Records attached to Uncle Bubble's premier formula, including most bubble domes inside of another, most bubbles blown inside a bubble, and most continuous bubble bounces with a single bubble!

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Additional Information

    Additional Information

    SKU: BUB-101
    Brand: Uncle Bubble
    Weight: 1.1kg
Product Description


    This incredible concentrate from the well-known brand, Uncle Bubble is proven to create next-level bubble sculptures and jumbo-bubbles - as well as being perfect for even most complex bubble tricks.

    You must accurately dilute one part concentrate to nine parts water to obtain breathtaking results.

    Superb clarity and excellent bubble longevity in a variety of conditions allow you to create mesmerising bubble art.

    This high performance formula was designed for professionals and now it can be yours in this 32oz (0.94 litres) bottle. You can make a staggering 9.4 litres of premium bubble liquid. Perfect for gigs, travelling and bubble parties.


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