Uncle Bubble 'Unbelievable Bubble' Kit (Tri-String)

Uncle Bubble 'Unbelievable Bubble' Kit (Tri-String) Zoom

Uncle Bubble 'Unbelievable Bubble' Kit (Tri-String)

Make bubbles like magic with the Unbelievabubble Wizard! Great waves of bubbles fill the air when using the Wizard Wand. Adjust the star-shaped sliders to make one, two, three or four loops for a variety of bubble-making fun.

This wand makes GIANT bubbles!

Everything you need to make giant bubbles is in the kit - just add a container and water!

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Additional Information

    Additional Information

    SKU: BUB-104
    Brand: Uncle Bubble
    Weight: 0.69kg
Product Description


    Uncle Bubble Formula has been one of the best kept secrets of performing bubble artists (bubbleologists) for years. Even 5 Guinness World Records have been set using Uncle Bubble products. Now you can achieve the same breathtaking jumbo bubbles as the pros.

    Super easy to use:

    1. Find a sturdy container or bucket to pour your bubble solution into.

    2. With your back to the breeze, dip the string into your bucket of bubble mixture. You want the wind to be blowing on your back so that the bubbles fly off the string in front of you.

    3. Lift the strings straight up and high.

    4. Open the Tri-String slowly.

    5. Walk backward to allow the bubble to form. The wind or your movement should help a big bubble take shape.

    6. Bring the ends of the sticks back together to make a complete bubble.

    Bring a picnic, Uncle Bubble solution, and a selection of wands, and create a magical day of bubble experiences!


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