Uncle Bubble Unbelievabubble Sword - Large - (Round Knob) (No Packaging)

Uncle Bubble Unbelievabubble Sword - Large - (Round Knob) (No Packaging) Zoom

Uncle Bubble Unbelievabubble Sword - Large - (Round Knob) (No Packaging)

This is an unpackaged version of the Un-believa-bubble sword from Uncle Bubble. This plastic sword and sheath is an incredible bubbleologist performance tool capable of not of creating beautiful bubble sculptures but also chopping and dividing them in to smaller shapes. Simply fill the sheath with your chosen bubble liquid ( we of course recommend Uncle Bubble juice for its long-lasting, elastic-like bubble making properties) and insert your sword. When you remove your sword, the special 'tooth' blade will be holding enough liquid to make some seriously large, beautiful bubbles. Pull the hidden trigger and watch the wand mechanically expand to reveal the sword's true bubble making potential. The blade of the sword is shaped so as to slice through floating bubbles without popping them, letting bubbleologists add serious flair to their shows. This sword is available in four super bright colours.
Please note that this sword is supplied without liquid, instructions or packaging.
SKU: BUB-120

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    Additional Information

    SKU: BUB-120
    Brand: Uncle Bubble
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    The special 'tooth' design ensures that the blade holds plenty of liquid allowing players to make incredible bubble designs, tubes and doughnuts. This unpackaged version of the sword is supplied without liquid and a backing card. Simply fill the sword sheath with your chosen liquid (for best results we recommend Uncle Bubble liquid of course!) and start playing straight away. After play, the sheath and sword lock together, allowing players to safely stash their liquid for future use.

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