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  • Indy 20" Trials Unicycle

    Indy 20" Trials Unicycle

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    This is the Trials unicycle from Indy. We are rather excited about this one. This latest addition to the Indy range is a trials model which is tricked out to the max.

    Equiped with splined ISIS hub and cranks, DX style metal pedals, new CroMo frame, Velo low profile saddle, and Maxxis creepy crawler tyre. This model delivers performance way beyond it's price tag. With several features only usually found on trials models which retail closer to £200, the Indy trials offers amazing value for money and is suitable for both adult and teen riders.
    Available in Matt Black and Neon Green.

    * Black Cromo forks with flat topped crown.
    * ISIS hub for extra strength.
    * Black 125mm ISIS cranks.
    * DX style pedals.
    * Low profile Black Velo seat with grab handle.
    * 36 spoke wheel with 19" alloy double-walled rim with spoke eyelets.
    * Lightweight 20x2.5" Maxxis Creepy Crawler tyre.
    * Black double-bolted seat clamp.
    * 280mm long 25.4mm diam. aluminium seatpost.
    * Weighs 5.6kg.

    Leg length sizes: max. 840 mm (33"), min. 725 mm (72.5"). Note that these sizes are from the crotch to the floor wearing shoes, not trouser sizes.

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  • Qu-AX Luxus 20" Trainer Unicycle

    Qu-AX Luxus 20" Trainer Unicycle

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    An excellent quality, good looking 20" trainer from German Unicycle makers Qu-Ax.
    All Luxus unicycles come with a second shorter 200mm seatpost which allows younger riders maximum growth range without the need to cut the saddle stem and buy another later (good news for Dads).
    The flat crown forks and tough saddle handle also make the Luxus suitable for entry level freestyle riding.
    Featuring the following specifications:
    * flatcrownfork with two-piece dropout, powdercoated
    * aluminium rim 36 holes
    * square taper hub, black, 36 holes
    * 114 mm steel cranks
    * two component pedal with big surface and antislip insert
    * 20"x1.95" tyre
    * aluminium quick release
    * 350mm seatpost, diamanond knurled (prevents twisting) Ø 25,4mm, steel
    * a second 200mm seatpost for shorter beginners
    * solid, well cushioned and ergonomic saddle with robust baseplate and handle
    * Maximum rider weight approx 75 kg/11.8 stone.

    With the shorter stem fitted the Qu-ax 20" trainer will fit a minimum inside leg of 62cm.
    (N.B crotch to floor - not trouser size).

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