Threeworlds V3 Matrix Fire Dragon Staff Cuff Adaptor Kit - 6 x 1.5" Wicks

Threeworlds V3 Matrix Fire Dragon Staff Cuff Adaptor Kit - 6 x 1.5" Wicks Zoom

Threeworlds V3 Matrix Fire Dragon Staff Cuff Adaptor Kit - 6 x 1.5" Wicks

This incredible set of fire cuffs from Australian company, ThreeWorlds was three years in development - and that is an understandable amount of time once you see the sheer amount of engineering involved in this fire staff modification kit. The ThreeWorlds Matrix Cuff set lets you convert any contact staff in to a dragon staff.

Thanks to the included push-in Shims, the Threeworlds Matrix Fire Cuffs are compatible with staffs from all manufacturers. If your staff preference changes, your Matrix hub can too. The hubs fits 22mm (7/8 inch) tube as standard and you can optionally add 19mm shims to downsize your hub to fit a thinner tube.

Unlike other cuff sets on the market, you do not need to take out the wicks to remove hub. With the ThreeWorlds Matric hub, you can easily remove the hub with one bolt. This makes the Matrix hub super portable - even without removing the spokes, this fire cuff setl packs down. The hubs feature a solid machined hinge it has no moving parts and collapses down instantly.

As with all fire performance equipment where safety is paramount, ThreeWorlds have ensured that these are units made with high tolerances and zero rattles. ThreeWorld spokes are securely fitted with set screws to lock them in tight. This also keeps the spokes simple - in fact, the hub will fit any 8mm rod. This gives you the freedom to make your own, or puy practice or LED spokes - the choice is yours.
This set comes with two cuff adaptors and 6 spokes. Please note that the hub requires a 3mm allen key to be assembled
7075 Precision Machined Anodised Aluminium Hubs
Weight per hub: 115g
Weight Stiff Spoke: 75g
Weight Standard Spoke: 65g
Total Weight: 620g

Please read the Oddballs Fire Safety Information prior to making your purchase. It is important to us that customers understand how to use their prop safely and properly manage the risks involved in fire performance.

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    Additional Information

    SKU: FIR-DRAG-002
    Brand: Threeworlds
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    3 Years in development. Countless prototypes and models bring you the most refined and advanced Dragon you can buy. So many options from one hub allow you to evolve and grow without limitations. Thoughtfully considered design choices make this thing a dream to use.

    This set comes with two cuff adaptors and 6 spokes

    Weight: 620g

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