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The Fisher style puzzle has been in production since the 1980s. YJ's version will be enjoyed by fans of puzzles - particularly those who have mastered 'beginners method' on 3 x 3 and wish to apply their new skills to something a whole lot more baffling! Whilst using a very similar mechanism to the standard 3 x 3 at its heart, corner, centre and edge piece are confusingly orientated and defined (in fact corners are in the middle of the cube! Confused yet?). YJ Cube's Fisher puzzle is ideal for cube-fans who want to try new challenges.
SKU: CUB-457

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    Additional Information

    SKU: CUB-457
    Brand: YJ Cube
    Weight: 0.1kg
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    This is the Fisher cube from YJ. It offers hours of fun for puzzle fans. The Fisher puzzle plays much like a 3 x 3 cube, but with new definitions of what constitutes an edge, corner and centre piece. Take your algorithm knowledge and puzzle solving skills to the next level with the YJ Fisher cube.

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