Calling All Jugglers We Have A Competition For You!

Calling All Jugglers We Have A Competition For You!

With this years competition in full swing, let’s have a look at last years winners for some inspiration. We were overwhelmed with the number of entries, and the stunning array of skills, tricks and imagination. It was fantastic to see such a variety of ages, abilities and personalities which makes our community so vibrant and fun. Here’s why we picked last year’s winners:

The Juggler by Peter Ȧberg (Runners-up):

The Juggler <-- Please go to JTV for iOS playback

We love how Peter’s video expresses a diversity of talent and skills within our community. The video visualises the lifestyle and hidden struggles of performers. Peter becomes a storyteller to show us that juggling is great fun, but also gives us a real insight into the continuously long hours of practicing, the throbbing forearms and bruises and the drive to master that one trick which seams impossible. We can all relate to this video in one way or another.

Want to learn club juggling techniques?

As seen in the video: Juggle Dream Solo. 1PC Club - Set of three

Juggl3ring by clp (Runners-up):

Juggl3ring <-- Please go to JTV for iOS playback

We love how effortlessly cool this ring-juggler handles multiple tricks on continuous flow without breaking a sweat. It’s a display of imaginative ideas with high levels of concentration and fluent motion. You can imagine the hours of practice they have done and the dedication to perfect these tricks. We love the creativity and uniqueness of the performance.

Want to give ring juggling a go?

As seen in the video: Kosmos 35cm Juggling Rings (available in different colours)

Russian Juggling New Year Collaboration 2018 by jumpropemaster (Runners-up):

Russian Juggling New Year Collaboration 2018 <-- Please go to JTV for iOS playback

This video perfectly demonstrates that juggling is much more than just a skill. It is a community and a lifestyle. It visualises the diversity of age, abilities and backgrounds. It gives us a warm feeling inside showing that we are all a family that comes together with our passion for juggling. This video has the wow factor with the explosion of skills and performance styles, and how enthusiastic the youngest generations are to carry on the tradition.

Want to give hula hooping a go?

As seen in the video: Juggle Dream One Piece Hula Hoop (available in different colours and sizes)

Summer tricks by ŁukaszUczkiewicz (WINNER!):

Summer tricks <-- Please go to JTV for iOS playback

We love seeing jugglers developing their own individual style and be able to project their personality into their performance. When watching Lukasz perform, we genuinely felt like we knew him and his passion for juggling. We were stunned by his spatial awareness and the ability to mix bind catches whilst behind juggling. We are continuously inspired by the next generation with their creativity and attitude towards juggling with enthusiasm to take it to the next level.

Want to juggle like Lukasz?

As seen in the video: Play MMX2 Juggling Ball - 70mm

We hope we’ve inspired you and given you some super ideas for tricks, performance styles and storylines. Get your creative hat on and get juggling! We can’t wait to see your videos. See our previous blog post for all the competition information.