aroundsquare Knucklebone Smalls - Titanium

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Aroundsquare knucklebones are a pocket friendly skill toy that can be manipulated to perform tricks, or just pass the time. With the original kbones, we sparked a whole new category of skill toys, but make no mistake, the knucklebones are the original hardbody knuckle rollers. The kbone "smalls" are a downsized version of the originals, packing high performance and high end materials into an even smaller, more pocket friendly unit. The kbone smalls are available in a variety of metals, but all are laser etched with our AO2 logo, as a stamp of authenticity.

Details on the titanium smalls:

Knucklebone Micro: 22.0g (roughly 80% of original dimensions)

Knucklebone Mini: 31.4g (roughly 90% of original dimension)

Grade 5 titanium

Sandblasted surface (will smooth out to a darker, more tumbled appearance with use)

Laser etched with the the AO2 logo to certify authenticity Warnings: Metal versions are heavy and solid--can break things or hurt things if dropped. It is recommended that you play over carpet, couch, or the like, or outside. Also, they are theoretically ingestible, so keep them away from young kids.

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