aroundsquare Regular Knucklebone - Wood - 6cm


aroundsquare Regular Knucklebone - Wood - 6cm

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aroundsquare Regular Knucklebone - Wood - 6cm

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Note: New inventory (April 2021) of Purple Heart and Walnut feature a slightly different logo placement, on the end knobs rather than in the grip section. This leaves the grip section itself entirely smooth to the touch. See last three photos in the set for reference.

Aroundsquare's wooden Knucklebones are a lightweight, pocket friendly skill toy that can be manipulated to perform tricks or just pass the time. While the wooden kbones have the same size and shape as the metal originals, the lighter weight, combined with the wood grain texture, open up new possibilities for manipulation, using the round end knobs to manipulate, pivot, and stall the kbones during play. Players accustomed to the momentum and gravity effect of the heavier metal versions may take some time to adjust to this style of play, but those interested in tricks and technical play will find this version extremely flexible and entertaining.


walnut (6.5g)

maple (6.7g)

beech (8.5g)

maple (6.7g)

purple heart wood (9.4g)

wenge wood (9g average)

ebony (11.0g)

These are shipped raw, without oiling or other treatment, and have the AO2 logo laser etched at the base of one end. The wood grain is visible in this state, but not highly pronounced. They will play very well straight out of the box, and will gradually darken over time as the wood picks up oil and moisture from the player's hands. Those wishing to accelerate this process can rub in a dab of any kitchen oil, beeswax, or other similar non-toxic wood product (see side by side comparison photos). The logos are shallow-etched--they have texture and can be felt, but should not chip or feel uncomfortable. Like the grain of the wood, the logos will darken over time.

Please understand that because these are made from a natural material, they will vary in appearance. Some are darker, some are lighter. Some have more pronounced grain patterns, and others have very little. This is particularly the case with the ebony and purple heart wood pieces, which have a wild range of patterns. Some have very distinct colour patterns with sharp contrasts, and some are completely uniform in colour. Please understand the we cannot accommodate special requests in this regard.

In addition, because these are turned on a wood lathe, there may be light markings or lathe lines on the wood--these tend to fade over time as the piece is played, but will not disappear completely. Any kbones with chips or splinters that might affect the feel or playability have been sorted out during our quality control process, but most of the kbones will have some visible discolouration or blemishes on close inspection. These are character marks, and if you're using your kbones a lot, they are certainly not going to be the last character marks. If you are uncomfortable with this, or if you want a much more precision-controlled item, we recommend the delrin models as a good alternative to the wood.

The wooden Knucklebones have all the beauty, charm, and the vulnerabilities of wood. When dropped on rough surfaces, or if kept in pockets with sharp items like toothed keys, they may chip or scratch. That said, the wood versions are light enough that when they do drop, the impact is not very hard, and as such, they tend not to do much damage to themselves.

General Info on the Kbone

AO2's Knucklebone is the original hardbody knuckle roller, and remains the tool of choice for the best players around the world. The Knucklebone is a simple skill toy that is manipulated with the fingers of one or both hands to perform tricks and patterns, or simply to pass the time. It is very discrete (unless dropped) and can be played in very restricted spaces, and in contexts where other showier skill toys may not be appropriate.

The original knucklebone was developed circa 1989, when Aroundsquare's founder was a kid in school. Tired of getting in trouble from teachers for standing up in class and playing with his yo-yo, he undertook to develop a more discrete toy to keep his hands busy and express creativity through tricks. The crude original version was made from polymer clay. The modern version is an updated and refined model, better suited to bigger hands, and optimized for smoother flow and better trick potential.

Warnings: Metal versions are heavy and solid--can break things or hurt things if dropped. It is recommended that you play over carpet, couch, or the like, or outside. Delrin versions look almost tasty, so keep them away from young kids, and don't let anyone try to ingest them.

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