aroundsquare Mini Standard Begleri - Machined Titanium


aroundsquare Mini Standard Begleri - Machined Titanium

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aroundsquare Mini Standard Begleri - Machined Titanium

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Aroundsquare's "Standards" begleri series is our homage to the ubiquitous “standard issue” Greek barrel shaped begleri. This series is a contemporary adaptation of the original timeless design, with a slightly refined shape, precision machined and polished to perfection. They feature the same 1:1 aspect ratio favoured by most players, and a compact form factor that is small enough to slip easily past the string instead of binding, and sufficiently rounded for comfortable play. The right angles in the design provide excellent bead control without compromising on nimbleness.

The Mini Standard sets are sized at 14mm by 14mm, comparable to two Mini Hydras stacked together. The beads feature a generous top bore to easily accommodate 550 paracord. The titanium models feature a laser engraved "aroundsquare" word mark on top to certify their authenticity.


Bead weight: 7.5g each

Material: gr5 titanium

Finishes: natty (machine finish), natty (blasted), shinobi (pvd)

All beads feature an "aroundsquare" word mark on the top surface

Top bore: 4mm (for use with 550 paracord)

All sets come with extra cords, stickers, and a carry bag, although colours and quantities may not be as shown in the photos.

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