Henry's Python Yoyo + Free Yoyo Trick Book

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Henry's Python Yoyo  + Free Yoyo Trick Book
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An incredibly advanced yo-yo from Henrys. Manufactured in Germany, this is an unresposnive yo-yo with silicone 'gecko' pads embedded in the anodized hubs. Without being confused by the technical jargon, this means that the yo-yo won't come back to your hand when tugged but will need a 'bind'. The extra wide grease- and oil- free bearing can provide exceptionally long spin times and allows advanced technical play with lots of multiple string contact. The edges of the cups are that lovely Viper Style Rubber and come in a number of nice colours. A very nice weight, very well distributed across the whole yo-yo and it fits snugly in the hand. 61mm Diameter.

All of these yo-yo's come with a free Henry's trick book.

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The Henry's python i...

The Henry's python is a fantastic yoyo for the advanced player - I use it mainly for off the string tricks. Sleeping tricks are not great, it's too light but weight can be added with rings. If you're looking for a sleeper go for an SB2 or Cold Fusion. This is more towards the intermediate range but is a quality yoyo well worth the money

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