Infinity Katana Metal Yoyo
Total price £110.92

Product Description

The Katana is a new Yo-yo from the Infinity 'Pro' series.
Its compact metal body is surprisingly heavy and feels very substantial in the hand.
The wide string gap, concave bearing and silicon response system all add up to a Yo-yo that out performs many models over twice it's price.
If your looking for an entry into advanced Yo-yo playing, make the Katana your secret weapon.

Weight: 66g
Diameter: 51mm
Width: 38mm
String gap: 4.5mm
Response: Recessed white silicon pads.
Bearing: Stainless steel concave.

N.B This yoyo is completely non-responsive and can only be returned with a binding trick.

Infinity Katana Yoyo <-- Please go to JTV for iOS playback

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