Infinity VooDoo Metal Yoyo
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The Voodoo is one of the new 'pro' series Yo-yos by Infinity.
This Yo-yos compact shape disguises its weight. At 69g, its is the heaviest of the 'Pro' Series and this extra momentum gives excellent spin times. As with all the 'Pro' series models, the Voodoo has a wide string gap and uses a concave bearing and silicon response system. The Voodoo also comes fitted with transparent hub stacks which allow you to hold the Yo-yo's sides whilst it's spinning. This opens up a whole new realm of trick possibilities.
Increase your Yo-yo Mojo - use Voodoo.

Weight: 69g
Diameter: 50mm
Width: 39.5mm
String gap: 4.6mm
Response: Recessed white silicon pads.
Bearing: Stainless steel concave.

N.B This yoyo is completely non-responsive and can only be returned with a binding trick.

Infinity Voodoo Yoyo <-- Please go to JTV for iOS playback

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Nice undersized unre...

Nice undersized unresponsive yoyo.
Lots of weight at the rim which, despite being an undersized yoyo, gives it plenty of spin time.
The Concave stainless steel bearing is quality and the anodized finish has good potential for grinds.
Only downside is one of the hubstacks is a bit off centre and causes a bit of vibe,but nothing out of the ordinary.
All in all this is a VERY good buy.

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