UltraPoi - LED UltraKnob Poi Swining Knob - SINGLE

UltraPoi - LED UltraKnob Poi Swining Knob - SINGLE Zoom

UltraPoi - LED UltraKnob Poi Swining Knob - SINGLE

This is the assembled version of the Ultragrip poi spinning knob with the Microlight insert. This sophistciated poi spinning knob comes with a super-fancy Rechargeable Dot XL LED Chip inside. This unit will brightly illuminate the entire knob and run from 5-8 hours on a single charge from its Rechargeable 2032 Coin Cell Battery. (Please note that the battery is Included, but it may arrive withour charge. The Micro USB cable needed to charge the cell is not included, but this is compatible with all major brands available.)

•UltraKnob Specs: 23g with microlight and battery cell, 38 mm wide, 28 mm tall

What’s in the package:
1 x UltraGrip
1 x Dot XL LED Chips w/ Rechargeable Cells
1 x UltraKnob Inserts
1 x UltraKnob Caps.
SKU: GLO-412

Availability: In stock

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Additional Information

    Additional Information

    SKU: GLO-412
    Brand: UltraPoi
    Weight: 0.023kg
Product Description


    •The world’s first rechargeable RGB LED Poi Knob.

    •The UltraKnob has a super comfortable knob shape and grippy silicone shell which is awesome for tosses and comfortable to spin all night, in many different weather conditions.

    •This knob allows you to easily use any of the colors of the rainbow as well as mind blowing strobe patterns like dazzling meteor trails and mellow morphs!

    •Did we mention its micro USB Rechargeable?!?


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